Melbourne based Video and performance artist Jane Korman and I collaborated for the first time this year and  developed a series of new works during a  week long residency in Professor Anne Marsh’s Doing Feminism / Sharing the World program.  We experimented with a combination of photography, performance video, a live sound installation and participatory processes to explore cycles of life and death through intersections of feminism, to which we gave the working title Revolution from Within. We finished the residency with a public development ‘showing’ and artist talk, led by our mentor Jill Orr at our place of residence,  the Norma Redpath House and Studio in Carlton.

Being our first artistic collaboration together Jane and I were surprised by the numerous works in progress we managed to create – especially as we didn’t identify specifically as “feminist artists” coming into this project. We had to work out very quickly how we were going to contribute something new and meaningful to the complex intersectional feminist dialogue. Jane and I  spoke weekly in the months leading up to the residency, researching, reading and  meeting several times to experiment with ideas and processes. Still we nervously arrived at the residency with about a dozen ideas for potential works and realised more than half of them. Much thanks to Jill Orr our mentor, Anne Marsh and the volunteers and assistants that made the residency series happen.